NW 6.5 sp4
Zen 6.5 sp1

We had a problem with our inventory server processing .STR files a couple
months ago - had to turn off inv. policies on workstations while we resolved
it. Now it's resolved and we're running inventory again. We have a large
number of workstations reporting this error:

027: Unable to read the sequence number from the Workstation object

They have no data in the DB, although they do have minimal scan info, and
the last scan status date matches that of the sequence number error.

I've seen this sporadically in the past and have been able to resolve it by
initiating a full scan on the individual workstation. However, that does
not seem to be making a difference this time.

Novell's troubleshooting document basically says see if the server's
running, and see if there's data for the workstation in the db. Then call
tech support.

Any other ideas?