Sorry for the cross-post, but I figured this would be helpful for both
people using ZEN 6.x and 7

I ran into a situation where I thought we had duplicate entries in the
ZEN Sybase database.

Turns out I did not.

What happens apparently is if you have a workstation with multiple
"things" like multiple physical hard drives, NIC's, or CPU's AND you run
a data export, it will show a "duplicate" workstation for each
"multiple" thing you have exported. But the duplicate line will be

In our case, this resulted in a data export showing about 500 more
workstations than we actually had.

The CANNED reports (which are heinously slow, BTW, Novell should fix
this one of these days, but I won't hold my breath), have the ability to
combine/merge these records and show the "correct" amount.

So if you are seeing duplicates in your data exports, that's probably
(but not necessarily) the reason why.