Need help regarding the Zen Inventory database backup.
I am having multiple zenwork 6.5 servers for my enterprise network, out of
which I am having one server as a zenwork root server which is accepting
inventory rollup info from the other zenwork leaf servers and then it is
uploading the data to the zenwork Database server.
The root server is not having the inventory database running on it, the
inventory server is running on a separated Netware 6.5 server.
I had already gone through the documentation available at Novell site and
according to Novell we have to ensure that the Service Manager is loaded
when you run the backup tool, now my question is where I need this service
to be running is it on the root inventory server or on the database server
and how do I check for this service on the Netware server.
I also like to know that which file is needed to be edited for specifying
the zenwork database backup location.
I will appreciate if anyone can help me regarding this issue.