NW 6.5 SP5
ZfD 6.5 SP2
Standalone Inventory server

I have 3 different standalone ZfD Inventory servers, scanning workstations in 3 different
eDir contexts. Two of the Inventory servers scans the workstations ok, while the third
shows errors in the "ZENworks Inventory Service" screen, a similar error for each
scanned wks - a general example here:

Storer: Full scan will be initiated on CN=WKS1234.OU=WKS.O=Company
Error in parsing: Section at the offset 0000**** may be incorrect

This error repeats itself for every scanned wks (only the asterisks differs with hex values).
When looking at the wks inventory information in C1 (those scanned by the culprit Inventory server),
they all show the "Minimal Information" correctly, but clicking the "More Workstation Information..."
button, only displays an error dialog box saying:

Inventory is not present in the configured Inventory database.

The scan has succsessfully gathered the minimal information from the workstations,
but extended info such as software inventory etc. cannot be found/accessed.

All 3 Inventory servers have been equally configured, and I cannot find any differences,
or anything wrong in neither accosiations nor policies...

Ideas anyone?
Are there any logs that may help anywhere?