Our environment is Zen 6.5.20, WinXPsp2, McAffee MCShield on access virus
scanner - controlled by ePolicy Orchestrator.

When zfdinvscanner runs, it appears to open loads of files on the PC to ID
them (logically); however, the MCShield on-access scanner traps this and
does a virus scan of the file before letting zfdinvscanner do its stuff
and move on. With MCShield enabled, zfdinvscanner takes 10-15 mins to
scan a normal workstation - during which time processor utilisation sits
at 80%+, often hitting the bumpstops at 99% and generally making the
machine unusable.

With MCShield disabled, zfdinvscanner completes in no time at all.

How does everyone else cope with their on-access virus scanners? It's not
feasible for us to disable for zen inventory, or set up any kind of
exclusion within it due to the way zen inventory works...

Any help/advice appreciated.

Tim Hawkes
Facilities Information Manager
The LTH NHS Trust
(email address needs last digit changing to k)