NW 6.5 SP5
ZfD 6.5 SP2

Need to delete and reimport all wks in eDir.

All workstations are imported into eDir, and scanned by ZfD 6.5 Inventory services.
A number of the wks are (due to historical reasons) imported into wrong contexts,
and a number of them are imported with a wrong wks name too.
What happens with the Inventory database if I delete all imported wks objects,
and then reimports them with a new name, and some of them also into another OU?

Can I just do this, and thereafter start a full new inventory scan?
What will happen with the old database entries for the wks that will be imported into a new OU,
and with the wks that will import under another name..?

In other words, will the inventory database be cleansing itself for the old wks entries?

- Erik