Received some new HP DC7700P's in today. Strangely enough these have
VPRO technology whereas the HPDC7700's I ordered 2 weeks before do not..

So it was off to find out what vpro was all about and all the AMT stuff
on the boot screen.

Well now you can do inventory and things while the machine is off..
Keeps hardware/software info in nvram and allows remote boot of a
network image and remote view as if emulating serial port over a network.

Seems like this would be a nice tie in to Zen.. of course I worry that
it could supplant a lot of what zen does but then again I have a total
of 8 vpro machines in the building.

Should be interesting to see how well it's software inventory does.
Being able to pull inventory middle of the night with the machines off
and no user disruption is very interesting..