I'm about at wits end with Workstation Inventory. PLEASE HELP!

OK, Single server tree, 6.5SP6

Workstation Inventory worked for less than 12 hours. After monkeying
around to get it to work and finally getting it to work, the Novell
server was rebooted and wsinv stopped working. Now all I get is error 610.

The only thing that was done between wsinv working and rebooting the
server was running 'StartSer NDSLookupForDB' to clear out some really old
workstations from the database.

I have reinstalled wsinv using
#bqemlx0 to no avail.

I have also re-created the Zen Database and workstation policy. I
reconfigured everything related to wsinv and am still stuck.

aenworksinvservice-*.txt shows:

ZENInv - Server Config: unauthenticate succeeded for CN=Server
Package:Netware:ZENWorks Database.OU=XXXX.O=XXX

ZENInv - Server Config: getAttributes of DB Loc. Policy returned: 104

ZENInv - Server Config: DB Location Policy is not configured properly...

ZENInv - Server Config: The getConfigurationFromDirectory() returned610

ZENInv - Server Config: Inv Server not configured proplery. Error code:

ZENInv - Server Config: Error Type 15 Error 610

Properties of the Service Location Package:

ZENworks Database is selected

Properties of ZENworks Datase:
Inventory Database: Inventory Database_FS1.XXXX.XXXX

Can anyone give me an idea where to start?!?