Does anyone know where I can get the ASA 8.0 ODBC driver to install on

I have the ASA7 driver as system DSN but when I select reporting in
Consoleone it defaults to a ASA8 driver. I've removed the ASA8 driver
from the registry and even configured the ODBC settings in the DB
object through consoleone but when i try to report from it, it adds the
ASA8 DSN again (in registry and data sources).

I've tried to configure the re-appearing ASA8 drivers registry settings
to use the working ASA7 odbc drivers registry settings but it still
reverts back to the default ASA8 settings whenever i try to report.

The Inv service runs fine and is set up correctly and I can connect to
the DB using Crystal and Access reporting with my ASA7 ODBC driver.

When I try to configure consoleone's default DSN ASA8 I get "the setup
routines could not be found......." so I get i just need to reinstall

I can't find it anywhere though. NOTE: I cannot find Novell Companion
Disk 2 or SQL Anyhwere Studio 8.0.2 as they seem to be out of print. A
direct link to a download location for ASA8 would be ideal as would any
other advice.

thanks in Advance.