We're running ZDM 6.5 SP2 IR1 on OES Netware with XP on all of our 300
workstations. I have had the inventory set to run between 7am and 5pm
Mondays and Thursdays, but there are a fair number of people whose
sporadic schedules prevent their PCs from being scanned, so I'm thinking
about changing to the login event schedule. I have a couple of questions
and couldn't find the answer in the kb or forums:
1. Network traffic would not likely be an issue for us, right? We're in
a 100MB switched environment, and I would say no more than 100 people
log in during the busiest hour-long period. I expect people to read this
and laugh, but I figure it's good to check anyway.

2. I have my inventory policy set under the XP tab in the workstation
policy. I used to have it set under Windows NT-2000-XP, but changed it
after reading about some issue I no longer remember. There is a schedule
option for "user desktop is active (NT-2000-XP only). That would be my
choice, but does that mean it won't work under the solo XP tab?

3. If number 2 above won't work for XP only, I may have to try running
at login. Does that actually delay the login for however long it takes
the zfdinvscanner process to run? If so, that's a killer.

4. Do I have to restart the inventory service on the server each time I
edit the policy schedule?

5. If all of the above leads to no joy, does Zen 7 handle these issues

Thanks to all.