Mughamrat Releases Mobile Inventory Management Control
MS3 Inventory Suite 1.2

Ifran, Morocco -May 1, 2007- Mughamrat, CO. has announced the release
of their Multilingual Mobile Inventory Management Control Suite 1.2
for Window CE & Window Mobile. The Market leader in advanced mobility
solutions and personalized technical customer support has designed MS3
Inventory Suite 1.2 from the ground up to enable companies to create
an all inclusive and highly integrated inventory tracking solution.

MS3 Inventory Suite 1.2 unlike other existent mobile solutions offers
an Arabic/English easy-to-use interface and a user support that works
together to provide a reliable inventory option. Based on Microsoft's
..NET 03 & 05 technology, it enables users to access multiple databases
using a single application, and can streamline data entry with its
highly "customizable" interface. Users can work in real time, offline
or a combination of both, depending on connectivity availability. In
addition, MS3 Inventory Suite 1.2 offers the perfect balance of
performance and affordability.

"MS Inventory Suite 1.2 module is an offspring of many successful
years" Said Rudy R. Lachhab, Mughamrat's Regional Manager "Our
extensive expertise in the supply chain of Mobile Solutions with a
comprehensive approach to implementation are now offering MS3 with a
significant leap in functionality, it is designed to operate
side-by-side in handling daily operational requirements of daily
distribution and inventory control activities within any organization"

Since Mughamrat's foundation, its focus has been on developing the
expertise and skills to implement mobility application solutions.
Mughamrat has being offering tailor-made mobile solutions to large
companies and organizations. The company now focuses on five specific
areas of mobile solutions including Electronic Meter Reading, Mobile
Van sales, Mobile Survey, Inventory Management control and General
Inspection solutions. In addition, Mughamrat has extensive expertise
in the migration of information technology products to support the
Arabic language, along with the development of Arabic SDKs for all
platforms, and mobility drivers for Arabic language applications.

For more information, please contact:

Rudy R. Lachhab
Regional Manager
Tel: +212 3 556 7409
Fax : +212 3 556 7630