I am looking for information on what the options in loading the sybase
database mean. The command line is:

load DATA:zenworksDatabasedbsrv7 -gc 60 -gn 100 -c 512M -tl 300 -ti 200 -m
-m -n -x tcpip(connections=400)
DATA:ZenworksDatabasemgmtdb.db data:zenworksdatabasenal.db

Through searching Novell's and Sybase's websites we have been able to
determine the following:

-gc = maximum lenght of time in minutes sthat the database server urns
without doing a checkpoint on each databsae.

-gn = Number of execution threads to be used in database server

-c = Sets the initial memory reserves for caching database pages and other
server information.

-ti = Disconnects the connections that ahve not submitted a request for a
certain number of minutes.

-m = letes the transaction log when a checkpoint is done, either at
shutdown or as as result of a checkpoint scheduled by the server.

-n = Specifies the host name of the database server.

-x = Specifiies a communication link (Specficially TCP/IP with number of
connections allowed)

We are trying to find out what the -tl means, and if we set the -ti to 0
does that disable the timeout? Do you know of anwhere else we can get
this info? I have not been able to find it on Novell's webiste.

Thank you