When I first logon to my PC (or any PC with Zenworks) it takes a bit
of time before the START menu bar becomes responsive. I took
everything I could out of STARTUP, HKCU....RUN and HKLM....RUN but I
left Zenworks.

While that did make a difference, there is still notable delay between
my desktop appearing and actually being able to use it. I put
Windows Task Manager as one of the first things to start. When I
sorted by I/O Read Bytes I noticed something interesting.
WMRUNDLL.EXE doing a very large amount of I/O reads. By the time I
got my desktop, we are talking 6.68GB of reads. That seems


Is this Inventory scanning my entire hard drive? That's the only
thing I can think of. FileMon seems to indicate this too. Is there
tuning that I can perform, or can I make inventory run not at logon,
but late at night?