installed ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 and somehow I see ZEN works
Server management on the Console screen. I did NOT install ZEN for
servers so I don't know how or understand why I have three 'ZFS' files in
my sys/zenworks directory - these files start ZEN Server Management.
Now I can remove/rename these files so Server Management doesn't start,
but then my ZENworks Inventory Service doesn't connect to the 'XML'.
Apparently my Inventory service is pointing back to the ZEN Server
Management db????

What is the correct way to get rid of ZEN Server Management, and how do I
make sure Inventory service is connected to the correct place(db).

I also have a quick question about registration. shouldn't it happen at
every boot? And what is the correct reg that points to the server. I've
seen two things:
novellzenworkszenwsreg import server =
novellworkstation managerImport Server default =
which one is correct.
right now my workstation, when it registers, does so three times! It
creates, then sees a duplicate and another duplicate

Should ZEN for Servers be installed with Desktop Management? it has
happened to me 4 times so It's not a mis-click of the mouse.