Just upgraded Zenworks 4 to Zenworks 6.5 for Desktops this morning.

All is going reasonably smoothly except for the following problem:

I would like to use the AgentDistributor to distribute the upgraded
ZfD Agent to several hundred client computers. ZfD 6.5 is running on
a Netware 6.5 server and the workstation from which I am running
ConsoleOne is a member of our domain.

When I select Tools - Zenworks Utilities - Agent Install from the
ConsoleOne menu, I get a dialog box asking for a domain administrator
and password. The domain is automatically populated and is the
correct domain for our Windows 2003 network.

When I put in the administrator's name and password, I get the
response "Could not find domain controller for this domain".

Is there any place where I can specify a domain contoller so that the
AgentDistributor process may continue?

Thanks in advance for any help.