Mike wrote:

> Craig Wilson wrote:
>> Do the PCs have a common Admin PWD?
>> If so, checkout http://www.sysinternals.com to a tool to handle th remote
>> execution of applications using the rights of a specified user. ( The
>> tool is

> I can vouch for this working well. I got the entire pstools suite and
> its great.
> 1: in the login script run a batch file that creates a folder (such as
> c:\zfd) and then copies the agent to that location.
> 2: after the users have the zfdagent.msi copied, do the following from
> your workstation (if you are a domain admin you can specify local
> credentials when as well... psexec /? gives you all the parameters):
> psexec -i \\computername msiexec /i c:\zfd\zfdagent.msi /qb!
> the -i means to allow interaction with the user desktop
> the /i is the msiexec option for install
> the /qb! is the msiexec option for quiet install(q) (no questions on
> what to install) with basic interface(b) (shows progress) but no cancel
> button (!)

That would be fun to automate if you had to do it for a few hundred