Hello everyone, I am a Computer Tech for a school district and am planning
on putting XP on the machines this summer. There are two problems that we
are running into. The first problem is whenever when ever a user logs on
to the computer and clicks on an application from the NAL it will
distribute the Registry files for each user that logs onto that computer,
now we have Dynamic Local Users enables so the users can log in anywhere
they want. The application right now all use .aot files and I am not
using the MSI files yet. The second problem we have is we want a
standardize desktop and start menu look. But every time a user logs into
the computer they get there own desktop and there own start menu, is there
a way for them just to use the one we want at least the first time they
log in. Is there a way to set the default way XP creates a desktop for a
new user?