Whenever I log in with my testuser on a new computer with an existing
roaming profile the registry key current_user gets messed up, which leads
to a lot of undesired effects.

I do:
1. Empty user logs in and out from computer A and everything works fine.
2. Same user which now have a roaming profile logs onto computer B and all
of a sudden the registry rights have gone wild.

If I now compare 'HKEY_Current_User/Volatile settings' on computer A with
computer B the registry rights are assigned as follows:

Full rights for:
Administrators, System, testuser. Read for: Restricted
Full rights for:
Administrators, system, CreatorOwner. Read for: Users, PowerUsers

I get the same results if I remove the account workstation manager creates
locally on Computer A in step 1 and then tries to login again on Computer A
in step 2.

If I remove ntuser.pol from the users roaming profile before step 2,
everything works fine.

Am I the only one who have this problem? Maybe it's me who have messed up
the workstation image I'm Using?

Client 4.90 sp 1 & 2, Nw 6.5 sp1, zfd 6.5