I have a very strange problem. WinXPsp1, NC either 4.90sp1a or 4.90sp2 ZFD
4sp1b or ZFD 6.5. I just recently upgraded ZFD on the servers to 6.5. I was
experimenting with trying to push the ZFD 65 agent to the workstations using
a ZEN app built with the .msi installer associated to the workstations. It
did not appear to work unless a user with admin equivalent was logged in
even though I have checked "secure system user". I have un-associated the
app but now I am getting sporadic instances of the Novell Client login going
away so all the users see is the Windows login prompt. After logging in, the
user can right-click My Network Places choose NetWare login at which point
they can successfully log in. Any ideas on where to begin looking for a
solution? Thanks

Richard G.