On some (not all) W2k SP4 Workstations the user loses most drive
mappings. With only the 49sp2 client installed, there are no problems.
However once zfdagent.msi (either 4.0.1 or 6.5)is installed - on initial
bootup or restart - most of their drive mappings (such as Z:public)
disappear while the Application Explorer is spinning on the taskbar. If
the user goes to "start - Log off" and then logs back in - the login
proceeds with no problems.

ZFD6.5 is running on a clustered 6.5 server.
Problem recurs with or without active WS package.
Users from different containers logging into affected PCs have the same
problems - therefore container related packages don't seem to be the
Tried running the login map commands from both container and profile
scripts with no change.

Any advice would be appreciated.

M Kolodij