ZEN 6.5 installed using all options and GinaDLL=NWGina.dll.
MiddleTier address corrrect.
No Novell Client installed.

When trying to autenticate the PC reboots:
This happends when CTRL+ALT+DEL are pushed. PC reboots automaticly (no MS
or NW autentication dialog comming up).
"Logging off"
"Saving your settings".
Reboots the PC.

If i boot in "Safe Mode" and changing GinaDll=NWGina.dll to
GinaDLL=MSGina.dll solves the problem.
But the "Workstation Helper" never connects.

Tried to:
1- Uninstall the Agent.
2- Cleaned up Novell and Netware registry hives (HCU/HKLM).
3- Deleted Policies in ZEN.
4- Deleted %Windir%\System32\Group policy folders.
5- Rebooted PC.
6- Installed ZenAgent 6.5 again.

Same ting happens when using GinaDll=NWGina.dll.

Regards Roar Skaare