Not quite sure where to post this, but:
Randomly and occasionally, a dialog appears: Begin Login "Ctrl+Alt+Del to
log in." The problem is the computer does not respond to Ctrl+Alt+Del. I
have workstation policies in place that run on system startup that have the
Ctrl+Alt+Del requirement disabled.

After some time, the screen will refresh and the Novell GUI will appear
(sometimes). I'm having a hard time troubleshooting this one because I
can't login to the machine. If I depress the power button on the box, I can
see a "windows is shutting down" window behind press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and
restarting the machine always brings up the Novell GUI.

To my best guess, the issue has appeared since WOL was implemented. Anyone
else seen this or know of a fix? I am using ZDM 6.5, Novell Client 4.90
SP2, NW 6, SP4.