We have an windows script that runs on Windows 2000 boxes from the login
script. It checks for vairous updates, sets reg keys, etc; it does not
interact with zenworks other than to check the version of the agent.
With the 4.x agent the script runs fine.

When I install the 6.5 agent the script terminates with the error:

The instruction at "0x700f0c8c" referenced memory at "0x019d1f04".
The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program.

I've duplcated the problem on two machines. Interestingly, the first
address "0x700f0c8c" is consistent on both machines. I've debugged the
script and it appears to happen after the last instruction - I'm
guessing as part of some wscript cleanup process. I am using wscript.exe
version dated 6/26/2001.

Anybody see this before?

Tony Skalski
Systems Administrator
St. Olaf College 1510 St. Olaf Avenue
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