I have been beating my head off a "fairly large" problem I was having with the agent

I have moved from zen 3.2 directly to 6.5 and had not used an agent before. I had also nver installed NetIdentity (just ot make that clear). As soon as I installed the 6.5 agent on ANY of my production machines I started having problems.

The machine would reboot after the installation of the Zenworks agent - good thing
The machine would reboot after the imaging agent ran - good thing, I guess (not used to that functionality)
The machine would take a bit longer booting back to the login screen than normal - not good, can cope though
I would enter my user name and password and hit enter - normal
The Screen would go to the "blansk/blue screen with cursor" for 30 to 40 seconds - not good
Would finally get a popup error message "LGNWNT32.DLL -890 The Specified server is unknown" that had to be cleared - very NOT good
After clearing the error box the system would go back to the blank/blue screen ( with cursor) and stay that way - Very very not good
If I would hit control-alt-delete the login script would start up and freeze after about three lines (attachment to servers). I have left the screen up overniight without change. - very very very not good

Hitting control-alt-delete once more would bring up the dialog to allow selection of task manger and I could then start explorer and get a desk top. If I wanted I could then terminate the script screen.

I beat my head off this for about a week and finally came across a reference to Sophos in messaage from "ong" dated 7/21/2004
"Were you by any chance running sophos anti-virus or any service/apps that needed a user to 'logon as a service' thing running? if so do set them to manual, i have seen this problem because that sophos needs a local-account to be logged on as a service but then somehow zfd agent has removed/reset the local policy. Hope this help"

I was.

After getting to a desktop I could go into services management and see that one of the three Sophos services that need to run, the on needing the "logon as Service" user was locked in "starting" mode.

I had to go in to safe mode to set the Sophos services to manual startup.

After a restart the next login worked perfectly.

I also found that the Sophos user had been removed from the "logon as Service" setting in gpedit.

I set added the Sophos user to the logon as service setting in GPEDIT then set the Sophos service back to automatic.

Tried loggin in again after setting things back to automatic and the login blew up again.

NOW. I cannot turn the service back to automatic without killing the login again

Sophos is the selected virus solution for our campus with a univeristy wide contract.

Any suggestions?