Well this is quite an odd problem, and I don't have a lot of details
since I've been gone for a week, but here's the rough description. If
anyone's seen or heard of this please let me know.

A couple of weeks ago I installed ZDM6.5 to the server. I then
started working on getting the agent distributed. The O/S in question
is W2K sp4. On my test machines it got it to install without a

As we started the distribution to the users we started having a few
machines come up without the DNS settings (which prevents them from
logging in). The only change was the agent install but for the life
of me I can't see why or how it could be bothering the DNS settings.

We're installing via ZFD3.0 MSI app object with a tranform created by
the 6.5 Admin studio.

Any help would be appreciated.