I'm just starting testing the ZDM 6.5 and not to exided about the agent
issues I'm seeing. I have a couple questions I hope someone can answer
regarding the agent. I upgraded ZfD 3.0 to ZDM 6.5 in a lab environment, now
I'm looking at the agent install.

1. Does ZDM 6.5 work at all with just the 4.9SP2 client or is it a must to
install the agent. I would like to install the agent through APP Launcher
but is doesn't appear to start (NALEXPLD) when called from a login script.

2. I was under the impression from the docs that the agent uninstalled the
ZEN stuff the client installed. When I uninstalled the agent it appeared the
client wasn't touched. I'm trying to figure out how new clients should be
installed, just the client and NDPS and then the agent?