The College has recently updated the servers and created a new w/s image

Servers NW6.5 Sp2 & ZENworks 4.0.1

Workstation Image: Win2K Pro SP4, Client 4.9SP2 & Zenworks agent

We have had a problem that every time a user puts in a USB key it asks for
the drivers.

We went back and tested the "new" image from the start, adding software
components one by one until the message appeared.

After a number of tests we found the message only appears once the w/s is
imported into the tree.

If you click through the install message and finish the UBB key works fine,
but next time it asks for it again if another type of USB key is used.

We never had this issue with the old image Win2K Pro SP3, Client 4.83 &

And body got any ideas as to how to get round this?

We also have a similiar intermitten issue with NDPS printer drivers.

Juswant Rai
IT Manager