I'm going to ask here, cause I'm still trying to find out the cause of my

I have ZFD 6.5, I am using policies to create local users on XPsp1 machines
Also using the policies to redirect, Desktop, Mydocuments, and Favorites to
the users Network Homedirectory. This is do to the fact that our users are
very mobile, Not using roaming profiles as the boot time is unacceptable to
our users. Were a school district where many teachers change classrooms
and computers every hour.

The problem I am having is in some items becomeing corrupt for some users,
Such as groupwise, ( this has been run through the Groupwise forum) Also
several web apps such as yahoo mail and some vendor websites. a few
programs have issues to.

With Groupwise and web based e-mail when the user tries to attach a file,
the program will just crash. Same happens with the vendor web site with
sending files within the app.

The strange thing is that these issues do not occur on a machine for all
users of that machine. Once a user has issues they will continue to have
issues on that machine but they may go to another machine and all programs
will work fine. Or we can re-image the machine and the programs will work
again or at least until what ever fails and the issue resumes.

This would indicate that something becomes corrupt with the user profile,
However removing the user from the machine, does not fix the issue when the
user logs back in and is recreated.

I am not sure where to even start on this as it does not effect all users
on a machine, or even the same users on different machines.