Just wondering if anyone else has run across this.

I'm associating a basic group policy to workstations. It includes a custom
locked-down wallpaper. The wallpaper image is located on the local drive,
and even without the Zen group policy, the workstation is set to use this
image and have it centered.

Once a user logs in and the Zen group policy is applied, the wallpaper
image appears fine - nice and centered. However, if the workstation is
locked, the image goes to stretch and fills the entire screen. Very ugly.
This also happens after a user logs off, and before a new user logs in.
If the policy is disassociated from the workstation, then the wallpaper
remains set to stretch, even after a user logs in.

I've tried changing the image to bmp and not using active desktop, which
didn't make a difference. I've also tried other images - it happens no
matter what wallpaper is selected - if it's set to center, it centers while
the user logs in, but goes to stretch if workstation is locked or user logs
off. I've not tried persistent settings, because for our needs we really
need to be able to use volatile policies.

Any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome. This is not a huge functional
issue, but several of the machines we'll be using this on will be in
high-visibility public areas, so we'd like the wallpapers to stay centered.