After doing a testinstall into our network before going out and
disturb our customers... Im running into some issues..

Now,, an hour later...Im able to use my PC again,, so,, checking the
forum seems to verify that the issue Im having ain't new or unique...

Off course, error to login.

After adding the zfd 6.5 agent to my pc, /shipping version,
Rebootet,, and,, waited.....,,,,

Since nothing happend,, I did the "trick" to cntrl-alt-del"
which by itself speeds up the presentenation of the desktop,

But,, still unable to either run the control panel, cannot use mmc to
disable or stop services.... The whole PC is just more or less dead
froozen without anything running.

A Fail-safe mode restart of XP /SP2
(which I forgot to mention Im running)

I could there simply disable all Zen related services, and Yes,
now Im "on" again...

So,, reading here,, and TID's,, it seems as if the ZFD agent's
XTAGENT is the main cause here,, but,, renaming/removing it
will make wsimport impossible...?

So,, Is there any use for this software as of now..?
Anyone's able to use it without above issues..??

We'd like to do a roll-out and maybe,, even sell a new install to
another client...But,, things are halted for us right now..