i'm having trouble tracking this down, and the pressure is starting to pile
on. we're a school with a lot of log-in and out, so this really becomes an

there are times when login can take up to 45 minutes. most times the time
is near 20 minutes. i have an open ticket with novell, but i'm not sending
my packet capture right or something and they can't open it.

all clients are XP sp1 (with all the updates) / client 4.9sp2 / agent 6.5
without any additional files. server is 6.5sp2 with 2 gigabit nics teamed.
all switches are 10/100 with gig uplink. login times last year were very

the pause comes between entering your password and 'loading your personal
settings.' just a black screen w/arrow. no indication of what is
happening. it happens on a wide variety of hardware (various dells and
asus mobos). after login, network access is quick. logout seems fine too.

network load doesn't seem to be an issue. it's bad any time of day
(including 10:30 at night).

my gut is telling me something is timing out, but i don't know what it
could be. any help is appreciated. tia.

-tom adams