We have started using a PICRules list to lock out some web sites that we
don't want students to go to. ( We have a filter, But there are some game
sites that we want to stop too.) We have a text file on the network that is
the master list for the URLs that are on the BADD list. When a tech is
working on a workstation that has been a problem the tech will load that
rules list. If we add a URL then for it to update that rules list will have
to be reloaded. We have just started using ZEN, and I was hoping that ZEN
would be able to update that on login. I don't know what file on the local
computer is updated when the rules list is updated, or I guess I could justs
update that. Any ideas? Am I barking up the wrong tree? I know that we
could do what we need to do with Border, But we have not got that set up