I have the following config: W2k3 server hosting Citrix metaframe
presentation server 3.0.1. NW client 4.90 SP 2 with all the client patches
installed as of 7 oct.04. The zfd65_a1_lang.exe, Beta Zen 6.5 mgmt agent
installed as well. Netware 6.0 SP 4, installed with Zen 6.5. We use DLU
and Roaming Profiles ( Profiles are stored on a Netware volume ).

The problem is as follows : If the users logging in is not member of
administrator in the DLU the policyes will not apply to that machine, if
member of administrator all the policyes works fine ? Seams that there is
still work to do with the Zen 6.5 agent and the NWGINA.DLL files ?

( ref. posting 1.9.04 by Meiling Li, simmalar case )

any other that has expirienced the same as i have ?

/ Thanks / sorry for my bad english :-)

Hans Petter Malme
Norwegian School of Management.