Hi All,

Migrating from ZEN 3.2 to 6.5. We have a small pure Netware environment
(3 - NW6.5 sp2 servers). Clients are all W2K sp4 with Client 4.90 sp2.

Occasionally, in the past, we've had problems with the client. The last
time it was oportunistic locking problems. No problems at present. But
I've been thinking about using CIFS and the MS client to avoid client
problems in the future.

Looking through the documentation, to use login scripts, which I want,
and roaming profiles, which I need, I'd have to set up a PDC on a
netware server.

My ZEN uses are WS management(Roaming Profiles), Application Management,
and WS imaging.

I've next to no experience with MS server technology.

Anyone have any insight as to which is a better setup, Netware with the
Novell client and ZEN 6.5 Management agent on workstations or Netware
running as a PDC with pass through authentication and with MS client and
ZEN 6.5 Management Agent on Workstations?

Thanks in advance.

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Ethan Guiles
Network Administrator
VT Housing & Conservation Board
Montpelier, VT 05602