we just upgraded from zen3.2 to zen4. win2000 machines receive our forced
wallpaper settings from a user package, but the picture doesn't come up. if
you go into the display properties, it'll show the picture as the thumbnail,
but not on the desktop. if i change something and hit apply, it will set
the picture as the wallpaper. on winxp machines, it works without any
problem at all. we have new policies created with zen4 snapins for C1 and
associated with the users.

i'm pushing the wallpaper in 'windows desktop preferences' section. i have
it set to always update the settings on eDirectory authentication. it seems
weird that it used to work on zen3.2 and not now & also that it works fine
on xp, but not 2000.

anyone seen this before or know of a better way to push wallpaper settings?

Josh Messerschmitt