As with previous posts, I have a pc (p4 2 gig ibm thinkcentre s50 with XP
SP1, client 4.9 sp2, sav 9 corp) that goes to a black screen for a minute or
so before I see the login script.

In addition, the time for the application launcher load until I see my icons
has increased by at least a minute (compared to a zfd 3.0 with client 4.9
sp2 machine). This would definitely not be accepted by our users.

I have also seen that when you click on the properties of a nal icon, the
window comes up behind the nal (the window should have the focus not the

Lastly, I have seen where you minimize the nal window to the taskbar and
when you bring it back up it paints the upper left corner (think of a
triangle) and then paints the rest of the nal window (instead of a smooth
restore of the window)

These issues have been seen on at least 2 machines, all running Win XP SP1
with client 4.9 sp2