Good Day,

We've implemented ZfD on Windows boxes without AD. Well don't blame me,
this customer just don't want Netware and AD in their environment yet.
Client setup is something like this

Windows XP sp2
Novell Client 4.90 sp2 + ZfD Agent
User logs in to wks with DLU

My temporary solution was to point GP to local wks(in C1) and have a
startup batch file to do the drive mapping and copy down the
new/existing GP to local wks. All apps package is delivered through the
mapped drive also.

My goal is to have a mapped network drive before the agent starts to
update GP and stuff. I've tried autoexnt to do that drive mapping but
somehow when it started with SYSTEM account, net use would return an
error. It would only run if it's started with some priviledge user
account but then the ZfD agent will wipe that user out from 'Logon as a
Service' in the local policy. Any suggestions ?