I've just upgraded from Zfd4.x to Zfd6.5 and I have a problem with
excluding directories from users roaming profiles. I've created the group
policy and it gets pushed down to my Win2000sp4 workstations, but the
policy is ignored and the entire profile gets written up to the network (we
only want the ntuser.dat, etc. to be saved). This problem originally
surfaced under zfd4.01 and persists with zfd65 agents as well.

Currently we have the Netware Client 4.90sp2 installed with the zen agent installed over the top. As far as I can tell so far, all other
policies are working properly. I've also recreated the group policy with
no effect. As I said, it arrives at the workstation, but it is ignored.

Has anyone got the same problem and found a solution?
thanks for your help