I have recently upgraded to ZfD6.5 from ZfD4. We have two user packages
used to enforce desktop restrictions - one for staff (which is pretty
much open) and one for students (which is healivy restricted). Since the
upgrade, I am unable to edit the student package. When I try to edit I
receive the following error:

"MMC: The snap-in below, referenced in this document has been restricted
by policy. Contact your administrator for details. Group policy."

When I click Ok Group Policy loads, with the message "The user policies
prevent MMC from creating the snap-in. Name: Group Policy."

My theory is that the policies in the package get applied to my
workstation when it loads, but now they apply before GP opens, wheras
with ZfD4 GP wold open before the policies applied locally. Does anyone
have a workaround I can use to get in and edit these policies?

Thanks in advance,