In the first place excuses for my bad English but it is a native language
for me I’m Dutch

We use to run Novel 4.1 with ZEN 1.1 and NT stations on the client end. At
this very moment we are busy to migrate to Novell 6.5, Zen 6.5. Desktop-
management and the Novell client 4.9 sp2.
Client end is Windows XP professional sp1 with desktop-agent 6.5

We’re having three major problems at this moment.
Memory leak at the two Novell servers 6.5 even if we disabled all foreign
software. (Restarting every week those Novell servers, yuck! It seems MS
like this)
Problems with imaging already described in TID 10089740. The only Compaq
EVO running without problems is the one with a Seagate STD340015A hard
disk and that is only about 1/3 of our new EVO’s. At this moment we are
using Ghost to continue our roll out. So please give us a better solution
for this one.

The third of our problems is:
First login from a new user on XP causing no problems what so ever
After second end next logins they’re are no restriction on the desktop and
naldesk.exe will not launch.
Visible effects were, no NAL applications end no desktop background (just
the standard windows background).
While all the settings, enable dynamic local users, manage existing
account, Use e-directory credentials, volatile user marked as active at
the user package under windows XP policies,/dynamic local users. Also
under desktop preference we activated roaming profiles, enable storage of
roaming profiles and store user profile in user home directory.
Furthermore we added a path in settings/display to a BMP at the server.
Once we did change “user” in to “Administrator” in the DLU options,
everything is running fine.
The user profiles themselves seems to run fine, they appears on the Novell
server after login and disappear after logout from the XP machine.
We tried all the above again with local XP NTFS rights full control for
users and the same rights on the registry.
Same result as described

After reading your information on document TID10094057 we swapped
NWGINA.DLL with version 13sep2004.

Our first try whiteout activating the group policies was successful.
On the next step we did activate group policies in the user package under
the windows XP tab.
And as a test we added only the setting hide and disable all items on the
desktop under user/administrative templates/desktop.
We did delete the user profile on the server and gave it a try.
First login from a new user causes no problems what so ever.
Second en next logins we faced the following problems:
After using MMC on the XP machine to see of the group policies settings
are the same as the setting from the user package. We discovered that
everything was like we expected, but still there where icons on the
desktop. The same with all other settings we’ll tried at the windows group
policies. (they were visible with the MMC tool but not realy active)
Again we tried the above setting while user had full rights on the NTFS
and registry with no result.
Using administrator setting at the DLU will solve this problem, but is not
a very nice and satisfying way of managing workstation.

Even a NWGINA.DLL from your description TID 2970016 did not give any more
solutions as we discovered before.

All the above appears also on our server 2003 which we use as a remote
entry in our main office and runs with a terminal server role and Citrix
XP. One other effect appears there with volatile users. User profile
disappears like they should do from C:/documents & setting. They remain if
you search in
My-computer/ properties/ advanced /user profile settings with strange
parameters. User profile size will be -1 it is displayed as roaming,
unknown-user without modified date after logout from the user. If the same
users logins again, a new one is created over here. So after a while there
are a couple of thousand entries here and of course in the registry.
Because of this we are not using volatile users at the moment on our 2003

Please is someone is facing similar problems please let me know