We have this nasty interaction between clntrust and Symantec Antivirus 9. If the "Internet E-mail" stuff is installed (as it is by default) for SAV9, and pc which tries to access the internet virtually hangs because clntrust hangs.

I used the free copy of InstallTailor to create an mst file which modifies the install so it does NOT install the Internet email stuff. However when I test the Nal App Object, the mst file doesn't appear to be doing anything. i.e. I get the default install with the corresponding problem.

I installed the application packaging stuff that comes with zen 6.5, and loaded the mst file. Sure enough, it shows that the mst file is correct. i.e. it excludes the internet email stuff.

I have the drive letter and full path to the mst file in the Application Object.

Why isn't the mst file modifying the msi install?