Greetings all,

Environment=ZfD 6.5 w/ ZfDAgent

I'm executing a manual ws registration function with the following

zwsreg -importserver none -importpolicy
"WSImportPolicy_Desktops:general:workstation import.policies.zen.mmpc"

When executed, it returns the following error:
"Zenwsreg returned the following error code: -672"

I turned on the debugger and the log file shows the following:
- no errors until the last 4 lines -
<date time> ZENWSREGRegister -- Leaving ImportWithoutService, returning
<date time> ZENWSREGRegister -- Entering Registrar::Import
<date time> ZENWSREGRegister -- Leaving Registrar::Register, returning -
<date time> ZENWSREGRegister -- Leaving ZENWSREGRegister, returning -672

The policy exists (the zwsreg command worked fine the other day)
The policy directs the wsobject to be created in an existing OU, and
that OU is listed in the containers dialog in order to receive rights.

I'm not finding any direct hits in the KB, but it "smells" like an eDir
rights issue. However, the package is listed as a trustee of the
container, and has the following rights:
[All Attribute Rights] = compare,read,write,add self
[Entry Rights] = browse, create

So, any ideas why this command is failing?

Doug Lindhout
Technology Consultants