Need some help please. The goal is to use the 6.5 agent to start managing
our laptops that are now not logging into Novell. They have the 4.83
client, but always login Workstation only. Then they kick-off a VPN
connection to retrieve e-mail. I have been able to successfully load an
agent in my test tree and get policies and applications to push. To do
this I removed the NW client and then loaded the agent with a Mid-Tier
server IP.

Issue 1: My current set up would reqire 3 logins. 1 for the workstation
only, 1 for the VPN, 1 for Mid-Tier. If the users want e-mail the first 2
they will do. The last 1 will never happen. Too manual. Can the agent
login automatically when it when it sees the MT IP address?

Issue 2: When I make connection 3 the policies do not run. They are set
run at user login. Do I need to change these to When desktop is active?

Help Please.