I am having all kinds of crazy login problems ever since implementing
ZWDM 6.5. The only thing I have configured is the desktop policy for
Windows NT/2000 and XP. I have also tried the same settings configured
for each of these separately. In the policy, I have it set so that the
users are created on the Windows box and removed at the end of each
session. The user profiles are saved on the NetWare 6.5 server. Most of
the time, the first time a user logs in to a given PC, they have to login
to a generic account on the Windows side, the user isn't created. This is
not an easy thing for our users to understand - why they have a second
login. After the first time, the problem seems to resolve itself. On
some PCs, I have noticed that the user names are still on the PC. On
others, they aren't. - that is the student side of our network.

On the teacher side, I have the profile keep the user on each PC (because
these people are less mobile and I like the fact that they can access
things when the server is down). Many times when the users login they
get a blue or black screen that seems to stay forever - you can go to the
bathroom, get a cup of coffee, chat with your neighbor, before the rest
of the desktop comes up. Eventually it does come up. However, one or
two users have an issue where eventually, after an even longer time than
most, there is a message box that says that the profile can't be copied
to the user's home directory. It seems like these users have lots of
stuff in their profiles, but there are no size limitations on their user
directories, the volumes are huge and there is plenty of space, and the
user does have full rights to their own directory. The people who have
this problem cannot ever get their profiles to load. The only machines
that we have noticed this problem on have been Windows XP machines -
without sp2.

Any ideas would be helpful!!1