I am getting the Error 1487: Your are attempting to launch the operation
from an obsolete or invalid workstation object. Verify that the workstation
object is valid. I read through TID 10094918 which says to either change
the registry setting on the workstation or rename the OU. the workstation
registry was fine and I really don't want to rename the OU. This was with
the Zen65 client. I removed the NDS workstation object, and ran the remove
inventory script to remove it from the database and that did not work (also
ran zwsreg -unreg from the workstation). I dumped the zen6.5 client and
reinstalled the Zen 4.0 client and it works just fine now. Is there an
issue with the 6.5 client? The server is netware 6.5 with Zenworks 6.5 and
the workstations are xp and 2k with the 4.0sp2 client with the latest
pateches. Help Please!!!! and Thanks in advacne