I'm havind a hard time managing my workstation object in edir and found
that it is very unflexible. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

What exactly is the relationship between the workstation and its object
in edirectory? How are they matched to eachother and when will a
workstation be able to authenticate?

The reason i ask is: i've been moving around workstations in the tree
and this doesn't seem to work very well. I get tons of authentication
failures when i do that. So i guess the workstation is unable to find
its object and workstations seems to get diassociated (shouldn't it find
its new location?). So my only possiblility seems to be a flat tree for
my workstations. The other option was creating different server policies
but that would be too much work.

I'm stuck now with a bunch of workstations in my tree, dunno which ones
are still associated and which aren't. Seems like my only way is
deleting all of them and let them recreate, or can i make an application
object that runs "zwsreg -unreg" and "zwsreg" and let them reassociate
with existing objects? Which one is best?

Any tips would be great!