Perhaps somebody has come across this problem with editing Group Policy through Console
One. Novell has noted the problem in TID10092692 and claim that it's fixed. All this is on my
test server, running NetWare 6.5 and ZenWorks 6.5

Last night, I created a Group Policy Policy inside the User Package. I edited a bunch of stuff which
included an option to disable the use of MMC snap-ins; something you'd want to do for your
student's policy package.

This morning, I go to edit that policy again, and I get an error message grace the screen:

"The snap-in below, referenced in this document has been restricted by policy. Contact your
administrator for details. Group Policy"

In other words, the system is applying the Group Policy from the server to my local workstation
and, because of the MMC restriction, not allowing me to run MMC to edit the policy!

This seems a bit silly to be true. Can anybody share some pointers?

- andrew