Just upgraded an office full of computers... XPsp2, VirusScan 8.0i, Client32
4.90sp2e, and the latest ZfD agent.

Two notebook computers, both of which get used as "home" computers on the
weekend (being the boss has its perks!), had problems this morning.

The computers both failed to use the existing account, both created a new
users. And, when I tried to login with Administrator it failed to use DLU
(dual login).

Mind you, I could log those users in using another workstation, and the DLU
and Wandering Profiles worked great (as it did for the rest of the office).

I got the computers running by copying profile.old to profile.000 but the
issues still remain.

Any ideas? I got called this morning at 6:30 am to fix this...

Tim Wohlford, CNE