Since upgrading to ZfD 6.5 I've been having trouble editing student
policies that have been locked down super-tight. After doing some
searching here and in the knowledgebase, I found TID 10088881 and
followed the directions:

1. Created a new policy with the following settings:
- User Config/Admin Templates/Windows Comp/MMC/Restrict the user from
entering author mode = Enabled
- User Config/Admin Templates/Windows
Comp/MMC/Restricted/Permitted/Group Policy/Group Policy Mgmt = Disabled

2. Saved policy and exited ConsoleOne.

3. Copied Restrict.pol from Policy\User to ConsoleOne\1.2\bin and renamed
to GpRstrct.pol.

4. Launched ConsoleOne, tried editing one of the old student policies.

5. I receive the message "Detected settings that affect the editing of
Group Policies." I click Yes.

6. BadPols.txt pops up and lists the following policies:
- RestrictAuthorMode Software\Policies\Microsoft\MMC

7. Then I get the "snap-in has been restricted by policy" error and can't

What am I doing wrong? Maybe someone out there has a working GpRstrct.pol
that I can try? Any help would be greatly appreciated!