Does anyone have an existing process or flows that could be shared where
their environment Novell Netware 6.5, some clustered servers and some not,
with multiple containers and imported workstations and multiple employee
moves across containers and keeping up with workstations in application

Example: Our folks are constantly moving and if we are going to be
utilizing application objects in different containers and workstations in
several containers, it seems like it will be a nightmare to keep up with
migration. Say we have JDOE that moves from ITT to the MKTG container.
Say JDOE is associated to several app objects in the ITT container. The
security makes her ID move and removes her workstation from the ITT
workstation container; won't this remove the workstation from all the
application objects and uninstall (is uninstall is checked) when the
workstation is removed? Then the workstation would import into the MKTG
workstation container. At this point say app object office2003 is missing
from under the MKTG container, we would need to go and create/copy a
object to MKTG and re-select her workstation from under the MKTG
workstation container. Doesn't this get to be a nightmare trying to
control who is coming/going where?

Does anyone have a good process for managing moves? Thanks.